Sunday, July 11, 2010

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Petite mixed Asian girl, Misa Campo

Misa Campo

Ethnicity: Filipina and Dutch
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Stats: 34C-24-34

When it comes to a petite young girl really being able to pack a skin tight dress, we can't think of anyone better than Misa Campo. Yes, that fine fitness and curvy body just stretches the material of whatever she wears to the max -- all in the best ways. Such a sexy mixed naked Asian girl. Super fine girl in a thong. Sweet face and classy in her poses. It's easy to see why Misa is one of the finest glamour models around.

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More on Misa Campo at Ask Men: Her drool-worthy measurements only add to her overall package, and it’s certainly worth noting that she’s hardly the sort of gal to spend all of her free time in the gym. Much to the chagrin of her competitors, Misa Campo’s passion for food is reflected in her penchant for eating, as she says, “I also love to eat... I'm super easy to please that way.”... Read More!

More on Misa Campo at her biography: Misa describes herself as the biggest dork that ever existed. Her secret is out now. She loves to eat (Filipino food especially) and is easy to please that way. Bring her a plate of lumpia and she'll have a smile on her face the rest of the week. She... Read More!

More on Misa Campo at Drag Sport: DSport: Did you enjoy high school? Misa: No, I didn't enjoy high school at all. I had the worst teachers (except in gym) and the worst friends ever. Maybe I'm exaggerating. The good thing that came from my high school experience is that I met two of my closest friends. I was the worst student. I was always skipping class. I was expelled and reenrolled a few times. Even though, I still somehow maintained my grades and... Read More!

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More on Misa Campo at Mad Poison: MP: What are your pet peeves?
Misa: People who chew like friggin cows!!! And people who talk really loud when I'm trying to watch tv, or type damn hard like the keyboard is going somewhere! And most of all people who wake me up for no reason when I'm sleeping... GRRRR!... Read More!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pretty petite young Filipina girl, Kailiyah Rey

Kailiyah Rey

Website: and
Ethnicity: Filipina
Height: 5 ft.
Weight: 105 lbs.
Stats: 34D-25-34

Petite young girl, Kailiyah Rey, was filled with smiles and laughter. This girl in a thong has a brand of sweetness that’s just so genuine and she brings that joy and enthusiasm to work alongside that gorgeous body and beautiful smile. But when it came time to work, Kailiyah Rey knew exactly how to turn it on… and dare we say it, turn us on! Her fiery eyes and those juicy, pouty lips would be more than enough to keep us entranced. But combine that with her incredible cuves and silky soft skin from head to toe, and you have a killer package. Take one look at this Asian model’s exclusive photos and videos here at Nitin Productions and you’ll see exactly what we mean. If one flirtatious glance from Kailiyah doesn’t make you want to jump all over her, we have to question your sanity. This naked Asian girl is completely comfortable in front of the camera, and it shows.

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Read more of Kailiyah Rey at The Monkey’s Trunk: TMT : What is it that you look for in a man? Kailiyah : We’ll for one he has to be really sweet, hehehe he has to wear glasses. (I think it’s because I’m into the nerdy looking ones. But really isn’t ) He has to be smart, willing to be a family guy, and just really sweet and take good care of me ^_^ I have to be someone’s little… (Read More!)

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Petite young Filipina girl, Marcell Cartier, with big booty

Marcell Cartier

Ethnicity: Filipino
Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 102 lbs.
Stats: 34D-23-28

Petite young girl, Marcell Cartier, is a sexy Filipina beauty and naked hot Asian girl with the most amazing curves. This naked Asian girl has the looks and the body to get pretty much whatever she wants. Marcell knew exactly how to turn it on, and it’ll turn guys on! Her fiery eyes and those juicy, pouty lips would be more than enough to keep us hooked. Her exotic beauty is from Las Vegas, NV and visits the Philippines often. This girl in a thong is a true sweetheart with an eye for the extravagant and one of the most desirable Asian models on the scene today!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Petite young Thai girl, Thainee, in a tiny bikini


Ethnicity: Thai
Height: 4 ft. 5 in.
Weight: 72 lbs.
Stats: 32B-22-30

Petite young girl, Thainee, is a very young Asian teen girl with the perfect mix of innocence and outright naughtiness! This tiny young Asian teen is hardcore and explicit. She is only 4′5 and weight and amazing 72 pounds! If you are into small Asian girl fetishes, Thainee is the girl for you! She is 100 percent Thai and is always eager to please. This innocent girl and tiny Asian babe is the girl of your dreams.